Pre-listing Home Inspections

Performing a pre-purchase home inspection can greatly benefit homeowners preparing to sell. Here’s why each and every home should have a pre-purchase home inspection and what actionable items real estate professionals can extrapolate from the information drawn from this process.

What is a Home Pre-Inspection?

A pre-purchase home inspection, or a pre-inspection, is a visual examination of a structure made by a trained and qualified home inspector. A licensed home inspector has experience evaluating the fundamental features in a house and can give a clear and accurate report on the condition of these components. A home inspection is visual in nature and should not involve invasive digging, drilling or deconstruction.

What are the Goals of a Home Inspection for the Seller?

There are two primary goals of a home pre-inspection. The initial goal is to clearly identify any significant potential or existing defect that might affect a buyer’s decision to purchase and offer a realistic estimate of repair costs. Secondly, the home inspector will clearly identify any areas in need of immediate repairs or any mechanical or physical components that are reaching the end of their realistic life span. This secondary goal provides information that is useful in establishing a maintenance budget.

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